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What is my commitment ?

We are not an “on-line “donation platform. KIAIDEKI wants to be a volunteer broker between donators and beneficiaries, nothing more. The use of the site is therefore absolutely free..

Requests can be varied: equipment, funds or logistics.

Potential donators can satisfy your financial requests either in whole or in part. Let’s imagine that a non-profit organization needs 200 € to prepare food boxes. A donator wishes to offer 50€. No problem, he simply indicates the amount he pledges to donate.

Requests can only be submitted by Associations

Checks can be made in order to make sure for everyone that all requests are real and justified. In case of doubt additional information will be requested before access is granted

Please be also precise and accurate when you describe your requests or projects (target audience, project objective, etc.). These elements are they key to the success of your request.

Yes, but and then ?

Once again KIAIDEKI is a platform meant to ease communication and help requests meet offers.

When a donator commits him/herself to help you, his/her details will be automatically E-mailed to you. You can then contact this person directly in order to finalize the proposed help. The follow-up of the relation is managed exclusively by the two of you.

KIAIDEKI will not take part in any dispute whatsoever and will not accept any liability.

You agree with these principles?

One last step before you can launch your help requests for real.

Who can register ?

You want to ask for help? The site is only open to Associations. For obvious tracking and control purposes, requests from individuals will not be accepted.

You want to help? The site is open to all!

Who are we ?

The site has been created by Members of the Kiwanis Service Club from Braine le Comte/Soignies (Belgium). We meet twice a month and carry out actions to support associations. Children in need are central to all our projects.

The project of creating the KIAIDEKI platform came up from two findings: Service Clubs find it difficult to meet associations and to perceive their needs, and, for their parts, project leaders often feel lonely as they don’t know which door to knock at to find a financial or other helping hand.

This site wants to build bridges and offer concrete solutions to active players. No talk for nothing. No administrative complexity. Simply making offers and requests meet.

KIAIDEKI, mutual support with more fun!

KIAIDEKI en Pratik

KIAIDEKI: a practical example

As we believe in the power of a good example, let’s talk about Catherine. She is a childcare worker in a shelter housing some twenty babies and their mothers, in deep social precariousness or even abused.

She would like to refurbish a room to be used as a playroom for the babies. Problem: no budget! Neither to buy new furniture or curtains, nor to redo the flooring. Not even to mention new toys or a small bathroom.

Sarah has three children. They are grown up now. The attic is packed with unused material and items. Cupboards are full of games and toys. She does not need the changing table or the baby bathtub anymore. She still has unopened boxes of diapers and even several meters of fabric.

John, Sarah’s husband, belongs to a Service Club. Their annual dinner will take place in two months and it usually raises at least 2 000 €. The Club still does not know which association to help.

Catherine and Sarah do not know each other. Too bad, as one desperately needs what the other is going to dump. And Eric could mention the shelter to his fellow club members and propose to contribute to the refurbishment of the new playroom.

KIAIDEKI offers its help as a volunteer broker, to make sure that such opportunities are no longer wasted.

Catherine can register and describe her needs on the site. As an individual, Sarah can also post her offers. Using the KIAIDEKI database, Eric’s Service Club will easily identify an association in need. All needs will be visible at a glance.

Why do I need to register?

Our commitments :

- √ Simplicity: no talk for nothing, no headache, no administrative hassle. We want a user-friendly and easy to use platform, precisely in order to avoid situations described by project leaders. When they want to submit a project, they too frequently have to face bureaucracy, administrative slowness and misunderstandings. Let’s make it simple!

- √ Speed: the faster, the better ! From the moment that a request of an association is posted, it can be seen by a large number of individuals, associations, service clubs or other potential donators. .

- √ No intermediaries: actors are linked directly. All registered individuals have access to the request database. Each request comes along with a description, the name of an association and contact data to connect actors.

- √ Transparency: all requests and proposals can be viewed by all registered users of the KIAIDEKI platform. Once a request is satisfied, it moves into the “success” list, enabling a “tracking” of help granted and supported projects.

- √ Independence: the KIAIDEKI platform is entirely non-political and non-profit, and completely independent. The site is fully managed by volunteers for the sole purpose of facilitating mutual support.